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8 Grand Features to Look for when Buying Luxury Properties

Posted by eurasia on May 6, 2021
  1. Exceptional Location
    When it comes to luxury homes, location is key. Owning a home in gated posh subdivisions is inevitably the crème dela cream of luxury living.

    The wide main roads, tree-lined sidewalks, securely manned premises and well-kept clubhouses and parks are just some of the reasons why these are the choices of refined home buyers.

    Fabulous views create a cozy world for luxury living. Looking out the window overlooking the golf course is a value-added feature of a luxury home, especially in this urban jungle.

    Here is a good example of a luxury property with exceptional location:

  1. High Security
    As much as we want to keep our guards down at home, it is inevitable that a luxury home has plenty of things that can draw unwanted attention.

    Thus, home security provisions are one of the extraordinary elements of luxury homes.

    Homeowners go beyond the simple closed-circuit television and alarm system. They have a monitoring system that includes intrusion, fire and panic alarms that are linked 24/7 to a credible independent service provider. Here’s one of our luxury properties with the best security in place:
  1. Natural Outdoor Living Space
    The luxury of a home extends beyond the four walls of a house. The outdoor living space brings us “back to nature”.
    More and more homeowners are on trend with the seamless indoor-outdoor layout in search of a closer connection with nature.

    This trend allows us to a have a view inside out and vice versa. These outdoor spaces create an environment that is more breathable, healthy and zen; and even encourage outdoor bonding when the weather permits.

    Here’s our luxury property in Valenzuela City that has natural outdoor living space:
  1. Serene Water Feature
    Luxury homeowners simply love water features, regardless of the regular cleaning and maintenance involved in having them.

    Having a swimming pool, a fountain, a waterfall or a pond can improve physical health, boost mental health and even expand your social life.

    It also enhances the beauty of your outdoor space.
  1. Favorite Hobbies and Sports
    Homeowners do not seem to get enough from their club membership that they have to accommodate their hobbies and favorite sports in their very own home.

    High-end homes are sporting an array of facilities from a game room to a full-size basketball court.

    Golf fanatics put up putting greens in their garden. On a less physical side, literature enthusiasts reserve a room as their library that houses their collection of books.
  1. Luxury Garage
    Most luxury homeowners have showroom-worthy premium vehicles that can be seen through the grills of their gates. Moreover, cool luxury garages that can at least store four vehicles come into picture.

    Not only do luxury car owners want their vehicles protected from falling trees, debris, intense heat; they also like a garage to complete the property’s upscale appearance.
  2. Top-notch Kitchen
    The kitchen is the heart of the home. Luxury living requires top-notch kitchen, especially if you frequently entertain guests in your home, or love holding long leisurely dinner parties on the weekends.

    A vast island with granite countertop and built-in sink, lots of custom cabinetry, wine fridges, restaurant-quality appliances, and plenty of storage in a walk-in pantry, are features to include in the kitchen.

8. Spacious dressing room
Think of a dressing room that is more than an extension of the bedroom, rather another room that is huge enough to accommodate your garments, shoes, and jewelry. A beautifully designed walk-in closet has the characteristics of proper lighting, mirrors, ample racks, drawers, and good cabinetry.

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