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Manila Homes is a full-service real estate company that strives to meet the needs of tenants, property owners, buyers and sellers of residential, commercial, industrial properties for use or for investment purposes.


We identify the most likely users for a particular property and target them as our market. We use various marketing tools to make them aware of the specifications and advantages of the property.


Our diligent efforts of finding the right property, residential, commercial or industrial, frees you up time to handle your business, do household duties, etc. As your representative, we strive to be fair and honest in all the transactions that we handle.


Title transfer is the passing on of ownership from the seller to the buyer as specified in documents such as Deed of Sale and Deed of Donation.


We are eager to talk and work with you. If you need advise and guidance about the Philippine real estate market, we will gladly entertain your questions.

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