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Nuvali Commercial Lots


NUVALI is the large-scale master planned development for the 21st century, where the promise of redefining live, work, and recreate is made possible in an integrated natural and man-made environment.

Nuvali will showcase Ayala Land’s expertise in changing landscapes and shaping lifestyles that will revolutionize community development in the country.

Central Business District

Nuvali Central Business District

Located across the Lakeside Evozone, accessible from the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay road, lies the Future Central Business District. From the planner and developer of the Makati Central Business District, Ayala Land is once again in the forefront of developing the next financial district south of Makati. Taking the critical components of a successful business center, NUVALI brings in more open space, recreational facilities, tree-lined walking and biking trails, and areas for congregation. Key support facilities such as post office, police station, church, hospital, school, retail/commercial establishments are also incorporated into the master plan. » Nuvali Commercial Lots Info

Rise of new businesses. On May 2011, NUVALI’s Solenad retail expansion area is expected to formally open its doors to customers. It will provide an additional leasable space of about 10,000 sqm, out of which 50% will be occupied by its anchor tenant Robinson’s Supermarket and True Value. With the opening of the additional retail area, more brands are expected to be available in NUVALI like Bench, Aldo and Bratpack. A Hotel and Events Place will also soon rise to complete the commercial and recreational amenities in NUVALI.

Place to be for sports and recreation. The Fields at NUVALI was launched to the public last November 20, 2010. It’s comprised of 3 football fields, 2 baseball fields, 3 beach volleyball courts and an outdoor clubhouse. The multipurpose fields are also suitable for other sporting and even special events. Aside from the off-road trails going around the development, we have also added a Four Cross Bike Track which bikers can enjoy in NUVALI.

Rain Garden

Nuvali Projects

Nuvali City - Ayala Land Premier

Fields and Trials

It all begins with a revolution in our way of thinking, a vision not just for today but for the years to come. A forward-looking mindset that embraces sustainability as key towards shaping our future. Nurturing the welfare of our environment is steadfastly linked to assuring a solid future for generations to come. Ultimately, it’s about what really matters to us—clean, fresh air, abundant greenery, safety and security, education, a good job, sound health. NUVALI seamlessly integrates family, work, and leisure, generating a diversity of spaces, activities, and communities—allowing people the means to live their full potential. A vibrant landscape springs forth, freely shared by all.

Converging nature, people, and technology in NUVALI, sustainability cultivates the dynamic relationship among the ecological, social, and economic webs of life.

Evoliving is the seamless weaving of life, nature and technology to secure a vibrant future, an observance

In NUVALI, each workday is reinvigorated with ecologically sound, breathable workspaces and technologically advanced infrastructure allowing flexibility and stimulating creativity. Promoting a healthy, active lifestyle, work spaces are integrated with the environment, thoughtfully equipped with elements such as scenic views from the office and active areas, fields and open, green spaces encircling the office campus setting. With 24/7 connectivity, integration of work with outdoor spaces in environmentally efficient buildings, NUVALI transforms the work landscape, optimizing productivity and efficiency. Investment opportunities are available for the public either through lots for sale or lots for long term lease.

Land uses:

  1. Offices
  2. Training / Conference Facilities / Studio / Workshops
  3. Hotel
  4. Dormitory / Apartment
  5. Tertiary (College) level schools or higher education
  6. Hospital/Clinic
  7. Retail

Civic and Leisure

  • Lake
  • » Parks
  • » Recreation amenities
  • » Bird Sanctuary Viewing Deck
  • » Xavier School (targeted opening by 2012)


  • » Lakeside Evozone BPO offices with green features and a neighborhood retail center in a campus setting


  • Abrio, Elaro, Montecito, Santierra, Treveia, Venare, and Avida Settings.
    Five low-density residential communities providing different options for different markets and needs.
  • » South District development parcels
    Large land parcels available for low density residential development.


  • » A showcase of NUVALI’s developments and sustainability efforts


  • » Carefully designed road networks and privately managed transit systems providing links among different neighborhoods in and around NUVALI
  • » Transport hub/Terminal
  • » Boat dock
  • » Extensive road network; at full development, main arteries are envisioned to have wide roads for both public and private vehicles, and bike and pedestrian lanes with foliage.


One and Two Evotech

One Evotech is the maiden structure in NUVALI TechnoHub, the first of three office campus developments in NUVALI’s Lakeside Evozone. Now fully operational, it is home to multinational solutions management group Convergys. A project of the Ayala Businesscapes Group of Ayala Land, Inc. it caters to the office space requirements of call centers, business process outsourcing, and the information technology/information technology-enabled services (IT/ITES) firms. This is the first of several buildings in the Lakeside Evozone.


One Evotech features a visitor’s center, common conference and huddle rooms, training centers, and retail areas to cater to the people in the vicinity. But aside from this, it integrates sustainable features, consistent to NUVALI’s overall vision. A bike ramp going up to the building encourages alternative means of mobilizing. The stairs are strategically located to have access to the scenic open areas outside, discouraging the use of elevators and encouraging a healthier way of moving about. Nearby commercial establishments include 7-11, BoNa Coffee Company, Reyes Barbeque, Kanin Get It, Indulgence day Spa and BPI. One Evotech promises to be the start of a new office working experience in NUVALI.

The Evoliving center also serves as a venue for training activities, seminars among other events. Located at the southern end of the lake, this iconic building welcomes visitors and clients. One can opt to take the water taxi from Solenad, the lakeside retail center to the docks of the Evoliving center. Panoramic vistas of the lake can be experienced from the spaces inside. Low e-glass windows reduce heat from the sunlight penetrating the glass curtain walls. The use of green roofs in some parts of the building helps reduce heat entry. Some of the inclined roofs are oriented to the south, opening up the possibility of using renewable energy sources in the future.



Lakeside Evozone Rain Garden

A refreshing site as you drive (or bike) your way to NUVALI, is a 4-hectare multi-functional lake, surrounded by green local plants, not only does it give an aesthetic reminder of oneness with nature, providing a habitat for a variety of migratory and resident bird species while serving multiple sustainable functions such as rainwater harvesting that can be used for landscaping, car washing and toilet-flushing among others. Home to koi, these colorful creatures are not only fun to watch, but it also helps keep the lake water clear. Koi are an omnivorous fish, and recognize the person feeding them. Riding the water taxi or feeding the schools of fish are just some of the activities one can enjoy at NUVALI. Ask the friendly boatman how you can enjoy the experience.

Lakeside Evozone-East

Evozone East Nuvali Commercial Lots

Lakeside Evozone-South

Shown above is the new phase of Commercial lots that we will be launching this March, located beside Nuvali Boulevard (Ayala Avenue if we compare it with Makati). In line with NUVALI’s commitment to being a sustainable community, shown above is the Rain Garden which is a feature unique to this phase of commercial lots, it is used for purposes such as rain water harvesting to be used/re-used for non human consumption such as cleaning your cars, gardening & flushing your toilets among others.

Ayala Land Premier

Lot Classifications


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